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My name is Dima Kashtalyan. I use original detailed technique and I would call my style dotwork, pointillism, stippling. I draw both black-and-white and colour graphics, street art, and illustrations. I have been painting for more than 10 years. I started with classic graffiti. The main rule that I follow in my work is honesty and awareness that I am responsible before the audience. I believe that creative work is an extremely important part of human life, so it should be treated with care and intelligence. All my pictures are a reflection of my inner world, my emotions, my life position and principles. I draw only what I sincerely believe in and find worth doing, even if it is not popular or not that common to say. Art has a strong influence on people, and the way it is depends on the authors and on those people who promote the objects of art to the public. Before creating a new work, I carefully think through the idea, the message and the artistic means by which I will get my point across.
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