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Andriu Aksyutov
was born in 1977 in Mlyniv in the Rivne region. Even in his early childhood, Andriu knew that his life would be connected with creativity. Having received art education at the age of 19, he mastered the craft of inlay, and the next step was to obtain a specialty as an artist and teacher.

Andriu mastered many professions at the stage of defining and forming his creative personality: among them, he tried himself as a journalist, radio presenter, stained glass artist, designer, teacher, and even a builder. It took him more than ten years to realize his childhood dream of becoming an artist.

He began his active artistic career in 2010. He currently works and lives in Rivne. Andriu Aksyutov's series of paintings express the search for stability in the chaos of the created. Many factors can be used to distinguish a particular sequence, including chronology, mood, technique, etc. The paintings' titles act as an effective means of identification and orientation. Still, sometimes they can humiliate or simplify the work, so the author often resorts to numbers rather than words. This concept gives the potential viewer some grounds to guide them in the creative process, which is actively developing and wandering when paintings from different series are created simultaneously. An unexpected color characterizes the artist's works for the landscape. The multi-layered application of paint in several stages impresses with its endurance and coherence. Many artworks are distinguished by gradient, almost hologram-like color transitions that demonstrate constant dynamics and constant changes from one to another.