The publication ORDERED CHAOS is dedicated to the work of Ukrainian photographer and digital artist Yevhen Zaiets, who is also one of the participants in our EMERGING ART in Ukraine book. It is the first project from CP PUBLISHING’s upcoming series of mono books about contemporary Ukrainian art.

Yevhen Zaiets represents a new direction in art, combining photography with digital graphics. Abstract, vibrant fantasies, his works fascinate with their forms, bright colors, and hidden meanings. Analyzing the surrounding world’s chaotic nature, the artist accompanies his piece
EVhen Zaiets & Lusia Bondar & TUASHO
The photo is taken from the publisher's website
Ukraine has emerged as a hotbed of contemporary creativity in the last decade, showcasing impressive contributions in interior design, fashion, architecture, photography, and art. The young Ukrainian creatives blend traditional crafts, materials, and aesthetics with a modern, cosmopolitan outlook.
Ukraine Rising is a book that celebrates the best of contemporary Ukrainian culture through compelling photography and insightful writing. It showcases the work of top creatives and features expert essays that offer a glimpse into the country’s vibrant people, projects, and innovation. This collaboration with Ukrainian publisher Lucia Bondar is a testament to the creative spirit and energy of Ukrainians and a promise for a better future.
Lusia Bondar & TUASHO
The photo is taken from the publisher's website
the first book about contemporary art in Ukraine by Lucia Bondar and Anna Avetova
What does contemporary art in Ukraine look like? CP PUBLISHING and the TUASHO art agency have released young artists' first collection of works.
"EMERGING ART in Ukraine" is the first full-fledged publication about contemporary young art in Ukraine, which has developed in recent years.
The project demonstrates the Ukrainian talents of the modern age, who have grown both as individuals and as creative units with our country of independence. The book covers a variety of artistic works: painting, collage, digital art, photography, sculpture, and textiles. Along with the artworks, the reader will find information about the biographies of the artists, as well as answers to the questions about what art means to them and where they get their inspiration from, about the manifestation of national identity in their works, changes in their creativity during the war, and, of course, about their hope for the future of Ukrainian art.
A² =$ 1T Opportunity
The architectural symposium "A² =$ 1T Opportunity" took place on June 14, 2022, at the Teufelhof Basel (Switzerland) in a panel discussion format. The event's purpose was to introduce representatives of the Ukrainian art sector to their Western counterparts for future cooperation in rebuilding Ukraine's infrastructure and cities. The Ambassador of Ukraine to Switzerland, Artem Rybchenko, opened the event.
Tuasho, Kiew & Basel, Peak Views and Centernet
Bohemian art corner
We were founded our project BOHEMIAN ART CORNER at 2020 and held 12 editions since that time. As art insiders we realise the main needs of the artists and public who visit art events, so we combined all this staff in our project. We are betting on representation of young fresh art and networking sessions during every edition of the project. What is BOHEMIAN ART CORNER? Only 1 night event with the focus on young art! And of course all the staff which familiar to the parties: music, bartenders, photographers, networking. Discovering of young artists new names, new location for every edition, interesting collaborations, bohemian vibes. Every edition is unique, stylish, deeply art saturated. As curators in every edition we work with the context of the location and we select authors whose art perfectly match with the context dictated by the location.
Telegram channel where you can learn about the latest opportunities in the field of contemporary art. Here, my team and I select and publish applications for open calls / competitions / residencies, as well as posts with a selection of relevant information.
Here you can learn more about contemporary art and the life of the creative community. On the channel we publish video interviews with artists, photographers, curators and other figures from the creative sphere, reviews of exhibitions, vlogs and podcasts. Conversations and opinions of bloggers, art dealers and collectors - all about art culture, art management and inspiration.
OVERALL is a fashion brand created in early 2020. Its goal is to support Ukrainian culture. OVERALL strives to make it close and fashionable, so the overalls feature paintings by prominent Ukrainian artists. This brand, created by Anastasia Bratkova, is designed to promote the idea of sustainable consumption of clothing, art and culture.

Following the results of the summer competition, the brand's designers placed 10 winning works on the overalls. This limited collection called "Take Ukrainian art on" was demonstrated at a fashion show as part of Ukrainian Fashion Week.
Collaboration with the Overall brand
Art Laboratory is a creative association of independent artists from around the world that represents the international art project #StrangeTime
TUASHO, Stepan Ryabchenko
Help the country by following the art in real time
The world's first online auction "STAY ART HOME" started in Ukraine on April 10. His lots are created live by famous artists.
The works are created in real time, and the bets are made simply in the comments. The owner of the work is also determined online. He becomes the participant with the highest bet
Сollaboration with IDEII Creative Project Company and Іgor Abramovych
FORUM Creative Ukraine ART Entrepreneurship in Ukraine Panel discussion
As always - openly about the most painful topics.
Over the past few years, the interest of the state and international partners in the field of Ukrainian art has increased many times. Why? After all, the importance of cultural diplomacy in our time comes first - and our artists are represented here. Some of them represented our country before independence!
collaboration with Creative Ukraine, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, Submarine Creative Support Foundation