A² =$ 1T Opportunity
A² =$ 1T Opportunity
Organizers: Tuasho, Kiew & Basel, Peak Views and Centernet

The architectural symposium "Opportunity" took place on June 14, 2022, at the Teufelhof Basel (Switzerland) in a panel discussion format. The event's purpose was to introduce representatives of the Ukrainian art sector to their Western counterparts for future cooperation in rebuilding Ukraine's infrastructure and cities. The Ambassador of Ukraine to Switzerland, Artem Rybchenko, opened the event.

The first part of the event featured speeches by Maxim Rosenfeld and Inna Furman. Maksym Rosenfeld is an architectural historian and graphic artist, a teacher with 20 years of experience from Kharkiv, best known for his mono-performance tours. He depicted 55 graphic reconstructions of wholly or partially lost Kharkiv buildings for his book Facades. Maksym briefed the audience on the situation in the city and the historical importance of preserving cultural monuments in the town of "science and students."

Inna Furman is a Ukrainian lawyer and co-founder of the development company Five Development, deputy director of the investment and construction company Fenix Group, and co-founder and head of the Charity Foundation Hugs of the Nation. Inna spoke about implementing mobile and comfortable modular houses for refugees and internally displaced persons who have lost their homes or cannot return to the territories where military operations are ongoing.

With her colleague Margarita Koverko, Inna Furman founded the Embrace of the Nation charity foundation to provide refugees and affected persons with comfortable and functional temporary modular housing. Architects and psychologists are designing and developing this construction to create the safest, most practical, and most emotionally comfortable space possible. The projects provide a private courtyard for each family separately, and mobility is incorporated into the construction for easy transportation to any part of the country and the world.

The second part of the event moved from an online format to live communication between Swiss and Ukrainian architects. Klaus Littmann and Gerhard Schmitt, leading Swiss architects, spoke about their vision of design methods and aesthetic principles of architectural reconstruction. They also paid attention to the materials and functional components of future homes for Ukrainian citizens.

Khrystyna Stavska is a specialist in the design, construction, and arrangement of classical and modern architecture founder of the IDEAL HOME architectural bureau. Khrystyna created the Clean Woodland charity foundation, which cooperates with Ukrainian and foreign partners. The foundation's team takes care of Ukrainian soldiers, migrants, civilians, and everyone who needs support and protection. The foundation's work consists of a range of volunteer activities: tactical medicine, assistance to the army, humanitarian aid, and help to war victims.

Khrystyna noted that for future construction, it is essential to pay attention to the historical and cultural context of Ukraine, take into account the mentality and historical heritage of the region, and entrust the construction processes to Ukrainian construction companies with mentoring assistance from partner countries.

The symposium "A² =$ 1T Opportunity" discussed the vision of architects and artists for the future reconstruction, change, and Development of Ukraine and its cities. The issue of restoring historical and cultural centers, namely the principles of work and the aesthetic component, taking into account the cultural, historical, and mental contexts, is very acute.

Ramil Mekhtiev, CEO of the ENSO development company, believes that when it comes to architectural guidelines it is very individual. Everyone has a particular associative series when mentioning the name of their city. For his company, it is essential, first of all, to integrate objects organically into the environment. They must take into account the context to promote any architectural position.

Kyiv-based architect Anton Chorny noted that the reconstruction is part of the mosaic of Ukraine's restructuring. "Aesthetics and art will be an integral part of rebuilding Ukraine because it is the face of the city. Museums, parks with sculptures, and artistic facades of buildings must be created because there is no life without art.

Artem Glushchenko, Head of the Urban Planning and Architecture Department of the Chernihiv Regional State Administration, said:

"Urban planning is a complex, multifaceted activity of society aimed at creating a material and spatial environment for human activity. It includes research, design, and management of the implementation of measures that determine the formation and Development of the functional, architectural, and planning structure of settlements and districts."

Representatives of the Ukrainian art and architectural sectors have concluded that the requirements for buildings under construction will change. The monolithic structure will become a priority; houses built using this technology are more potent than other technologies. In particular, this will affect the availability of specially equipped bunkers or alternatives, such as underground parking lots or basements with everything you need.