Culture code. Be in dialog with…
Curators: Tuasho / Date: 01.10.21 - 01.03.22 / Location: Dubai (UAE)
Curators: Tuasho / Date: 01.10.21 - 01.03.22 / Location: Dubai (UAE)
Curators: Tuasho / Date: 01.10.21 - 01.03.22 / Location: Dubai (UAE)
Curators: Tuasho / Date: 01.10.21 - 01.03.22 / Location: Dubai (UAE)
Author of the idea: Kateryna Moroz
Author of the concept: Anna Avetova
Artist: Natalia Korf-Ivaniuk
Music, color, meaning – our cultural code is a treasure we can share. What are our strengths, what is intriguing, and what implications are hidden within our values? Who are we? We are Ukrainians, connected by blood or spirit, regardless of location or origin. The Ukrainian soul is vast and boundless, embracing everyone and everything.

The concept of this project is built upon monumental postulates that we uncovered while reinterpreting our cultural code. Our understanding is based on three pillars:
  1. Multivalence of Ukrainian culture: The layering of numerous nationalities, customs, traditions, languages, and values that have overlapped and interwoven for centuries, creating an authentic cultural code.
  2. Transformation: The Ukrainian people are emotional, open, and ready for change. By welcoming and understanding various cultures, they have transformed the accumulated knowledge of thousands of years, adding their unique meaning and color to each part of the code while sharing it with others.
  3. Dialogue: The most potent aspect of Ukrainian culture is its ability to constantly converse with other cultures, interacting with and broadcasting them. This enriches the cultural code and demonstrates self-sufficiency, wisdom, and determination.

The exposition is designed as a dialogue, emphasizing that culture encompasses spiritual, moral, and ethical values in addition to material ones. We aim to showcase the historical heritage and examples of Ukraine's interactions with nature, religion, and other peoples.
Constructed like a DNA molecule, the exposition consists of genre segments, with narratives built upon the dialogue. This allows for immersion in folklore aesthetics while exploring the connections and inherent conversations within our cultural and ethical fabric.
The series of 26 cutouts represent more than mere cultural possessions; they depict dialogues, illustrating how we interact with the world, what we offer, and what we accept as gifts. Each cutout, stylized in a particular direction, portrays a scene from history, art, or culture, capturing interactions with the Earth and the world.
These dialogues are further divided into topics such as "In dialogue with the world," "In dialogue with art," "In dialogue with science," and "In dialogue with the earth." Each theme is explored through several excerpts, providing deeper insight into each unique dialogue.