Curators: Tuasho / Date: 01.10.21 - 01.03.22 / Location: Dubai (UAE)
Curators: Tuasho / Date: 01.10.21 - 01.03.22 / Location: Dubai (UAE)
Curators: Tuasho / Date: 01.10.21 - 01.03.22 / Location: Dubai (UAE)
Curators: Tuasho / Date: 01.10.21 - 01.03.22 / Location: Dubai (UAE)
Exhibition participants: Stepan Ryabchenko,Viktor Sydorenko ,Oleksii Ivaniuk, Volodymyr Manzhos (Waone Interesni Kazki), Sergey Melnitchenko, Oleg Tistol ,Volodymyr Tsisaryk, Anzhelika Honchar,Rita Maikova, Anna Kostrytska, Les Panchishyn
What kind of world will we return to after the disasters and destruction caused by the COVID-19 pandemic? To what extent will things change after the crisis and what will the socio-cultural and psychological transformations lead to?
The idea of the Ukrainian pavilion is ambitious, because it should become not just an exhibition of achievements or an act of cultural diplomacy, but a powerful model of reflection of our society. A society where a long meaningful conversation and shared experience are possible. A country where trust, respect, and meaningfulness are valued and supported. Ukraine, where there is a place for dreams and the struggle for them.
Becoming the logical final thesis of the entire exhibition narrative of the Ukrainian pavilion at Expo 2020, the exposition of contemporary Ukrainian art becomes a concentrated expression of our dreams, an inspired look into the future. Through the worldview of artists, who are often harbingers or reporters of social transformations, we seek to discern what is happening to us today and what awaits Ukraine. We are trying to define what our hopes are.
The title "Ellipsis" is a conditional ellipsis, a deliberate decision to categorize the gap as something powerful and unspoken, indicating the further course of events. It is a deliberate pause that outlines and colors the past experience, and also serves as a lull before great achievements.
The works of Ukrainian artists selected for the exhibition are in tune with this concept, as each of them reveals in their own way the expectations from the objects that surround us and the modification of something familiar and close. Thus, the works include both traditional forms of landscape and portrait, but with modern content, as well as the latest media. The mutual arrangement of these different art forms will generate a special energy tension in the exhibition space. The contours on the floor, drawn in the Trypillian style, will serve this purpose especially well, as they will literally become the historical basis for the exhibition, based on the visual pattern of this ancient civilization.
As a stylistic figure, the ellipse gives the text dynamism, graceful expressiveness, and enhances its expressiveness. Likewise, the exhibition of works by contemporary Ukrainian artists multiplies the effect of Ukraine's representation to the international community. After all, culture and art are the main indicators that can show the whole world how creative, original and integral a country is.
What does the future hold for Ukrainians? First, everything will be fine. The only stable thing on our planet is change. It is difficult to adapt to change. It requires significant resources and determination. No one likes change. But what awaits those who do not want to change? Secondarity, inertia, activity for the sake of activity.
We, on the other hand, seek inspiration and are proud of our art. So we boldly fill the Expo with our ideas and dreams.