Everything changes, nothing disappears
Curators: Anna Avetova / Date: 14.07.20 - 02.08.20 / Location: Museum of Kyiv
Curators: Anna Avetova / Date: 14.07.20 - 02.08.20 / Location: Museum of Kyiv
Curators: Anna Avetova / Date: 14.07.20 - 02.08.20 / Location: Museum of Kyiv
Curators: Anna Avetova / Date: 14.07.20 - 02.08.20 / Location: Museum of Kyiv
Anna Kostrytska's exhibition
Anna Kostrytska's project "EVERYTHING CHANGES, NOTHING DISAPPEARS" will be the conclusion of her series of abstract emotional portraits and now a harbinger of a new trend - hypopoliticism.
The past series is still being improved and finalized. It is characterized by strong pasty strokes, and numerous images from the canvases are people and gods, victims and poets, women and men, but their features are depersonalized. Three-dimensionality of a slightly different nature is given to the works by the results of the author's experiments with the surface: scratches and cracks. These relief elements are deliberately introduced into the body of the paintings in order to expand it. It is this textural layering and deep saturation of colors that make it possible to outline the works of art with abstract expressionism.
The artistic manifesto will loudly announce the new current - hypopoliticism. This poetic and political statement is hollow, sarcastic, and true. She speaks sincerely about the feelings of the younger generation, she will construct her rhetoric to the malice of the day and undermine the problems and crises of the millennials.
An organic combination of bold text and powerful visual art create an expressive statement. The expression of the artist is a way out for hesitations, which lose the character of fears and acquire the status of a powerful manifesto. And it is precisely such signs — honesty, self-confidence, not wanting to surprise anyone — that allow us to share the energy of the person behind it all.

We are Artists! No, even more. We are "Dudes"! By the way, what the hell does he care about: We are "National Hero";
An alliance of all the combined preferences of you, incorruptible immortals, whatever you like.
We are all at once! Eloquent and to the point. We manage to express ourselves judiciously, sometimes impudently, but nobly.
Why would it end here? Ah, no, I forgot. Initially, everything ended exactly as I remember it never before: "Here, form is content, content is form. It is not written at all. It should not be read - or, more precisely, it should not only be read. It must be seen and heard. His composition is not about something; it is something" B.S.
Artists, sharp-faced hooligans with weak hearts, grisettes, beautiful and those who are "okay", rebels, and even worse than James Dean of the era. In short, spiders are soulful or not so much.
No plays have been played about us, no letters have been written, and the opinions of different people have not yet been expressed at all. Such people are harmlessly called "cute top managers of an existential crisis", adding a more accurate description:
"Ah, how well they lived badly." Why, we like it - Se si bon spodadam v ovet, but allow me to notice, despite the absurdity, before the eyes of the beholder: The artist always happens inside. Stop ceremoniously neglecting those who come behind you, publicly arranging auto-dafes wherever you go.
Yes, we are characterized by absolute quietism in any act, sometimes even in inaction - absolutely true.
However, do you understand, our feelings fill the space, going far beyond the horizon of events, due to such a strong desire to scandalize creativity, creating new meanings.
While you continue to adhere to obscurantism, befitting the gloomy past, we insultingly ironize the turbulent fate of today's day. Omnia mutantur, nihil interit!
Sporadically. Gallantly. Arbitrarily.