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Rita Maikova is an emerging Kyiv-based abstract artist. She considers art to be an endless dialogue between the soul and the Universe. She studies psychology, and it influences her abstract works greatly. The artist travelled a long way before she found her own unique self-expression style. The principal figure of her inspiration is Love. The key task of her art is to suspend the endless inner discourse that takes place inside any person and to give everyone the opportunity to experience life at this moment, "here and now", to feel the connection between themselves and the whole world. Her bright paintings are extraordinary and diverse because she works on fantastic portraits, surreal paintings and more. The artist uses acrylic and watercolour paints for her painting. Rita's artworks are full of symbols and signs. Each one brings a sense of its own. No matter how complicated her abstractions apparently are at first glance, in general, they represent a simple form that everyone can understand. These are consciousness and subconsciousness dancing on canvas. The variety and interweaving of shapes excite the imagination, and everyone recognises one’s own plot and one’s own associations in them. Diving in these dynamic forms is like meditation when the painting speaks to the spectator. Rita wants a person attracted by her canvas to be sure to drown in its richness, to forget about the external bustle, and become a researcher of new worlds at least for a moment.