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Stepan Ryabchenko is a pioneer of Ukrainian digital art, the author of numerous digital works and installations. His famous series "Computer Viruses", launched in 2007, remains relevant to this day. Stepan Ryabchenko was included in the list of Forbes 2015 Top 30 under 30. He participated in 2 exhibitions at the Saatchi Gallery in London, Ludwig Museum in Budapest, museums of contemporary art in Bratislava and Zagreb, Krulikarnica Palace in Warsaw. His impressive works are stored in private and institutional collections around the world. Stepan Ryabchenko's digital painting is a nowadays art, which, due to its technical parameters and recognisable aesthetics, communicates with the viewer universally. Its bizarre shapes, hanging between the sky and the water, bend and stretch, intertwining to form new connections. It is a kind of illustration of the diversity and speed of the modern world, as well as possible interactions and partnerships in it.