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Volodymyr Tsisaryk operates in the field of numerous images that become forerunners of his artistic philosophy. The sculptures convey romance and tragedy, joy and tenderness, but at the same time anger and pain. The transmitted emotional spectrum, as befits a real experience, is nothing else than a system of beliefs and breathing. All these images live in their own space, a kind of eternal world of epic and mythology, where people can communicate with gods and centaurs, descend into the realm of the dead and make the right choice. But they all think like us, feel like us, suffer like us. That is to say, like modern people. Even if they are immortal beings, disembodied spirits, angels or monsters. The entire work of the sculptor is subordinated to the idea of two-way involvement: immersing the viewer in a beautiful ancient epic, but also actualising epic narratives in everyday life, vocation, and activities of everyone.